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Lashley, Cohen and Associates is a trusted, liable and committed team of Industrial Automation Engineers who delivers various Industries an applicable, perfectly functioning equipments and machinery which is certainly necessary for the disciplined and controlled processes in the product making.

Creditable Integrity

Credible Integrity is a crucial component for achieving success in any kind of sector which embodies fidelity, transparency and stability. Also, which certainly is a thing that LC & A precisely gonna provide to its Clients.

Effective Team Work

LC & A works in both harmony and symphony towards a common goal and then certainly achieve great results through the utmost struggle, hard-work and our commitment.

Quality Assurance

Don’t be anxious about the quality we deliver to you because we have a facility that produces advanced and high standard results which also make sure that there’s no imperfections and errors in the end product.

Our Services

We help Industries in transforming their Control Quality, Automation and raising the Productivity!!

With an experience of more than 3 decades, Lashley, Cohen and Associates {LC & A} has been in the business since the year of 1998 and in all of those years we have assisted, advised & gained the trust of many satisfied Clients with our projects in Factory Automation development.
Lashley, Cohen and Associates consisting of a dedicated and experienced Automation Engineers who believe in Hard-work, expertise and acquires the knowledge and Capability to brew, craft the carefully designed control systems, machinery and processes which certainly can increase the efficiency and reduces the human exertion or you can say intervention.
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